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List Description
601b-list EAD Class Correspondence
601n-list List for EAD 601 North Country Students
601r-list EAD 601 @ FLCC list serve
610b-list EAD 610 CNY Class Correspondence
610n-list EAD 610 North Country students
610r-list EAD 610 FL Class Correspondence
621b-list EAD 621 CNY list
621r-list EAD 621 Finger Lakes
641-list EAD 641 North Country Class Correspondence
641b-list EAD 641 CNY Class Correspondence
652b-list EAD 652 (CNY)Class emails
652r-list EAD 652 class emails
660b-list EAD 660 Class Correspondence (CNY)
660n-list For EAD 660 North Country class list
660r-list EAD 660 Class Correspondence (FLCC)
69501-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69502-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69503-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69504-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69505-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69506-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
69507-list EAD 695 Class Correspondence
acadaffairscsea-list Academic Affairs CSEA members
acadaffairsfaculty-list Academic Affairs Faculty (FT)
acadaffairsfacultypt-list Academic Affairs Faculty--PT
acadaffairsntp-list Academic Affairs NTPs
adoptaschool-list Bringing arts programing to the schools
advisementcoordinator-list All Advisement Coordinators on Campus
affirmativeactionadvisorycouncil-list Information for council members
ama-list Members of American Marketing Assoication.
anth_major-list Paul Voninski's Anthropology Majors and Minors List
AphiA-list Alpha Phi Alpha Sigma Omicron Chapter Programs
assembly-list faculty assembly information and discussions
awards-list Paul Voninski's Awards Mailing List
bbhelp-list Support list for Bb Learn; replace angelhelp
bio492830-list Dr. Seago
biologicalsciencesalumni-list Alumni with biology or zoology degrees
blackfriars-list Blackfriars Organization list serve
bmc-all-list This list contains all of our general members
campusrecreation-list Campus Recreation Updates and News
can-list List-serv for the campus antiwar network
caq-list For the Committee on Academic Quality.
caravanserai-list ARTSwego
careers-osw-list SUNY Oswego Career Services Mailing List
ccjournalism-list Share your ideas on community news with other pros
ceac-list Campus Environment Advisory Council
celt-list Centers for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
chabad-list a mailing list for a student Jewish organization
chemclub-list Mailing list for Chemistry Club
childrens-center-news-list News from the Children's Center
civicengage-list Civic Engagement Committee
cny-nysawa-list Central New York NYSAWA
cnyhost-list Central New York NYSAWA Host Committee
co-op-list Co-op Education Discussion List
cogsci-list Cognitive Science Advisory Board, majors, minors
commalum-list A list for the Alumni of the Comm Studies Dept.
concept-list Campus Development Concept - Comments welcome.
cutthecraft-list SUNY Oswego
ddr-list OSU DDR Club
digest-test-list Digest Test List
digitalhumanities-list Discussion of digital applications for humanities
disabil-list Services to Students with Disabilities Committee
eadalumni-list Educational Administration Alumni
eadstudents-list Educational Administration Students (EAD)
eap-list EAP advertisement list
economics-major-minor-list Announcements to Economics Dept Majors and Minors
enactus-list Oswego Enactus
enactusalumni-list Oswego Enactus Alumni.
enactusbab-list Oswego Enactus Business Advisory Board.
eventmanagement-list Event Management Office newsletter subscription.
exit-list sending loan exit info to students exiting school
extlrn-gov-list marketing programs government agencies
extlrn-health-list marketing programs health
extlrn-hrm-list marketing extended learning HRM
extlrn-schools-list marketing programs school districts
fallconference-list Technology Fall Conference ( Announcements
fi12-list Steven Abraham
finaid-list Action needed for financial aid
firstchoice14-list Fall 2014 FirstChoice Instructors
firstchoice15-list FirstChoice instructors for fall 2015
fitness-list List of all Fitness Center Members
fma-members-list email list-serve for active FMA Members
fma-officers-list This is the list-serve for the officers of the FMA
fmo-list Facilities and Maintenance Organization
foodbb-info-list Info about Food-Based Businesses list and group
foodbb-list Food-based businesses group, announcements
freshman-list students
funnelle-list This list is for all residents living in Funnelle
funnellehall-list For Residents of Funnelle Hall for 2010-2011
fya14-list 2014 First Year Advisors
fya15-list First Year Advisors for Fall 2015/Spring 2016
fypa10-list First Year Peer Advisors Fall 2010/Spring 2011
fypa14-list 2014 First Year Peer Advisors
fypa15-list First year peer advisors 2015/2016
globalengage-list List for the Institute for Global Engagement, SUNY Oswego
gls_dublin-list list for students in GLS 100/300 Dublin course
graduateprograms-list Communication between all graduate programs
graduatesurvey-list Post Graduate Career Survey
grantscene-list Grantscene newsletter distribution list.
GroovesAndGrindsInvite-list For students interested in alcohol free activities
groundsmanagers-list Turf, landscape, and snow removal issues.
gst110-list Communication vehicle for GST 110 for Fall 2013.
hci-alumi-list For all HCI Master Program Alumnis
hci-students-list For all HCI Master Students currently enrolled
history-alumni-list Newsletter distribution to History Alumni
history_dept_majors_minors-list Announcements to History Dept Majors and Minors
ibso-list International Business Student Organization.
infosectaskforce-list Information security work group leaders.
interfaithstudentleadershipcouncil-list Interfaith Student Leadership Council
intergenerational-subcommittee-aghe-list Intergenerational Learning & Research (AGHE)
internships-list Internships Mailing List.
ipac-list A list of email addresses for all IPAC directors
isclub-list Email list for the Information Science Club.
jsuhillel-list HillelJSU email list for Oswego State
kdp-list Kappa Delta Pi is an Education Honor Society.
leadershipmentee-list communication vehicle for leadership mentees.
leadershipmentor-list communication vehicle for leadership mentors
lecturecapture-list Lecture capture search committee and support.
libadvcomm-list Library Advisory Committee.
libplanncomm-list Library Planning Committee
lifestyles-list Promoting healthy and responsible lifestyles
loc-2008-list Leadership Oswego County Class of 2009 - OBCR
loc-alumni-list Leadership Oswego County Alumni List - OBCR
maps-list Listserve for MAPS students.
mbph-list List serve to accommodate faculty members of MBPsi
mcnair-list McNair Students, Faculty and Staff.
mentrack-list Mens Track and Field Team
menxc-list Men's Cross Country
metclub-list Official emails for the Oswego Meteorology Club.
metrocenter-ezine-list SUNY Oswego Metro Center Ezine Publication List
mostmentee-list This list is for MOST Program mentees.
multimedia-list Campus multimedia assistance requests.
music-alumni-list Information for music alumni
music-department-list Information for music majors, minors
newfac-list Mailing list for new faculty members.
newfacultystaff-list New Faculty Staff
newmancenter-list Share Newman Club & Newman Center News via E-mai
newtransfer-list This list is for new transfer students.
ntso-list Student listserv for the Non Trad Student Org
nyssa2015-list Updates for the NYSSA 2015 conference
nyssce-list NYS School Counselor Educators
obcr-list OBCR list server.
oswego-teach-list Discuss teaching at SUNY Oswego.
oswegoadvance-list OsWEgo ADVANCE Project - Activities, Events & News
oswegoadvisorinfo-list Send out advisement information to Advisors
overnighthostprogram-list Overnight Host Program
owell-list E-mail list for faculty/staff about healthy events
panoptofaculty-list Panopto users on campus announcement list.
parking-list University Police Parking Office
ped399-list PED399 - OOG - Climbing Kilimanjaro
ped399-peru-list PED 399 and Bio 301 students
ped399b-list PED399 OGG - Climbing Kilimanjaro2
permaculture-list Students, faculty and staff involved in the PLL
polisciclub-list The list of the Oswego Political Science Club
polsciadvisees-list political science majors/minors advisees
prehealth-list Prehealth students and Advisory Committee
prevet-list for those interested in veterinary medicine
pridealliance-list The Pride Alliance Email List-serv!
programadvisory-list EAD Program Advisory Group
programreview-list to review Clery regulations for colleges
psichi-list Psi Chi The National Honor Society of Psychology
psychclub-list List of Psych Majors and Minors in Psych Club
psydept-list SUNY Oswego Psychology Department
public_justice_dept-list Announcements & Info for Public Justice majors
racquetballclub-list SUNY Oswego Racquetball Club information.
returningtransfer-list This list is for returning transfer students.
riggstowertigerbat-list Riggs Tower Tiger Bat Email updates
rise-list Communication of RISE Opportunities
s4gc-list For the group to send information via the web
saemclassified-list all administrative services staff in Division SAEM
sapb-list SAPB events
sasa-list Students interested in studying abroad.
scma-list School of Communication, Media & the Arts faculty
scope-list The list for all of SCOPE news and updates.
sdp-alumni-list SDP (Superintendent Development Program)
seagobio110-800class-list Dr. Seago
seagobio110-81fclass-list Dr. Seago
seagobio110-85fclass-list Dr. Seago
sociologyclub-list For sociology students and members of the soc club
soe_deans_office-list Official Communication from SoE Dean
standard10middlestates-list Middles States Standard 10-Faculty work group
strengthsquest-list Share ideas about StrengthsQuest
studentsustainability-list Students interested in sustainability on campus
Suny-OswegoGoGreenResources-list "Green" resources for College and Community
Suny_psm-list Local and SUNY-wide list for the SUNY PSM program
sunymobiletech-list mobile technology users and support staff listserv
sunyoswegoevents-list SUNY Oswego Events
sunyoswegonews-list SUNY Oswego News
sustainability-list Info on minimizing campus enviromental impacts.
sustainabilityfaculty-list Discussions for faculty in the Sustainability Studies minor
sustainabilitystudents-list to inform minors of events, announcements
sustainabletravel-list This list is for a sustainable travel project sponsered by OIEP
tausigmaalumni-list Eligible Members of Tau Sigma
teachgrant-list majors that are eligible for the teach grant
teammentors-list A list for communication between team mentors.
techteachers-list Technology Teachers throughout NY State
theatre-alumni-list Listserv for Theatre Dept. alumni
theatre-depart-list Information concerning SUNY Oswego Theatre
thtalumni-list OSU Theatre Students and Alumni
Torchprod-list [no description available]
transferstudents-list A list for transfer students at SUNY Oswego
undeclared-list Listserve for undeclared students
undeclared08-list Undeclared students entering 2008
undeclared2-list Email list for undeclared students at SUNY Oswego
undeclaredadvisor-list List for undeclared advisors
volunteer-list Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
wallacescholars-list Members of the Wallace Grant/Scholarship
wc-list Women's Center: student-run feminist organization
womensstudiesfaculty-list Faculty Affiliated with Women
womensstudiesgeneral-list Open List for Women
womensstudiesstudents-list List for women studies students
womentrack-list Women's Track and Field Team
womenxc-list Women's Cross Country Team
world_community-list World Community
wrvo-ops-list WRVO Staff Listserv

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